Read what some of our clients have to say over the years:

"Enjoy your week really deserve it! I  finished the year up 50% in Rydex since Oct. thanks to you guys."

You did a great job getting us through this Fed mess.  Your calls were great, and you kept us safe while making $$$ at the same time. I really appreciate your service."

"The projected trading range on the NDX was amazing today!  You called it perfectly!"

"Jim--I took the chance and put in $100,000.00 at 10:30 feeling that I would give it a try.  The market has been wanting to go up and I would give it a try.  Will wait for your  info and how the stoch-3 is by 10:30 tomorrow to see if I should put some money in the market. Hope to get an 20 -80 stoc-3 play up or down.  Would like to put 2-3 hundred thousand in at that time and get a large hit. Now play with $50,000 to $100,000.  Should have made a little over $6000 today.  Your Typo got me thinking and it worked.  The power of the pen!  Since I started with you at First of Dec. to date have made $100,542.  Not bad for only playing with small amounts."

"Larry, Thanks for the heads-up on QQQ yesterday. You Da Man!"

"Who are you guys?!  Your clear, defined outlooks have brought a renewed clarity in my own analysis (although not as clear as yours!), (but I caught 85% of today's down move with OEX options, based on my own hourly cycle analysis prompted by your comments recently).  I am an actuary by training who created a $40 million annual profit underwriting division within 5 years of inception trading fortuitous risk for a major insurance company (I had the world divided into 16 pillars of catastrophe risk, land, sea, air, and man-made,ie Exxon Valdez, and further subdivided by a certain latitude and longitude, i.e. 16  pillars).  I made some decent money for my family (5 kids), but I am now attempting to trade index options for my living.  I have checked out every service on the net I could "FIND" - BUT YOU are on FIRE!!!.  If you are taking on students, please consider me.  If not, please point me in the correct learning direction. Second, Stop writing defensively when your call misses a high or a low within a point or two - great stuff!"

The market is following your analysis.. beautifully. Are you a pyshcic?.. (just teasing.).. you're just downright brilliant!"

"Larry, you and Jim have helped me to get some of the best returns ever over the last year....even while holding onto some rather laggard gold positions.  I haven't run into any other people that shorted the Naz at 5,000, which is why I am happy and they are sad.  (BTW, most people think I'm lying about my excellent short, though I rarely even mention it.)  By trading USPIX, usually 30% positions and briefly as high as 60%, I have been able to more than double the value of my entire retirement account in 2000 (I've yet to make my 2000 contributions).  It's starting to look like I won't have to go on Regis Philbin's show to get what I want. :) I often count my blessings that I was put on a steady course by being referred to your service.  It's hard to put into words all that I have learned from your methods and techniques.  But then again, you probably already knew that I'm one of your lifetime subscribers. ;) Thanks again and keep up the good work!"

I did cover 40%.. at the close...I have to tell you...and I'm estatic.. (as if you couldn't tell)
As of today.. I'm up 73%.. in my Rydex account!!!! only 27%.. more to go.. and it will be a double.. since late Febuary.. I contribute most of my success to you and larry and bob...Big Thanks!!!"

Hope you are in good health and having a profitable day.  At the close of today will have made 10% on my total money, but have only played with one fifth of it.  Your service has been very valuable to me, Thanks!!   Have only 6 negative days in the 32 days the market has been open this year.  Two this week and this week is ending to be my most profitable."

"I would like you to know that I have cut a number of my advisory newsletters as result of your exceptional work. Few have been consistently correct. You guys and Neely stand out. I can see myself being a  member for a long time. Thank you for the great job."

Jim, U  R  DA MAN.  Looks like we are going to have the Blast Off that you mentioned.  I've positioned myself nicely.  Thanks for a great call.  You have been right on the money lately.  Continued the timely work.

Jim Thanks for the map template of an inversion day. Fwiw I sold my long spy at 15:15.25 for 80.96 with your fine help . My question is this: what made this day an iversion day?  is it related to sq o 9  trend change dates or somthing else? So what I am looking for tomorrow is down in am back up in Pm and the rolling over and down from mid am to the close Monday  similar to your
thoughts.   Well Ive been on this service 10 days and paid for it a few times already   Just 3x today  (grin)

Congratulations yet again on another wonderful call. Really great stuff!!
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