Market Turns Advisory is edited nightly by Jim Curry. This advisory letter specializes in cyclical analysis to definine short and mid-term market turnng using all forms of cycle analysis - from classical Hurst cycles  (spectral analysis, moving averages, VTL lines), to the Bradley Psychological indicator, Gann time clusters, etc. He combines them with various detrends, oscillators, and technical information (volume, breadth, and the VIX index) to help form the overall analysis into one congruent outlook. To supplement the cycle work, a detailed statistical/pattern analysis is done for the most relevent cycles in the current market environment.
In addition, Jim also breaks down and analyzes each cycle in detail, based upon how the cycle has behaved in past history - both of terms of price and with time. With this information, you will have a good idea of what to expect from the markets in the near-future. Traders  can  use this pattern

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analysis to aid them in setting both short and mid-term market positions. A trader armed with this information will have a very good idea of which direction the market is favored to move, when it is next due to peak or trough - and also what price levels are likely to be hit!
If you are interested in the Hurst form of cycle analysis, then Market Turns Outlook is also an excellent learning tool. There are
less than a handful of analysts to use - and understand - the techniques from Hurst's 'The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing'. Hurst cyclic analysis is a mainstay in Jim's Market Turns report, and both the envelope channels and price projections are based primarily on Hurst's original ideas - along with Jim's own tools that he has developed over the years! The channel analysis provides a definite visual representation of what to expect from the markets.
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Available on page 1 of the weekly version of Market Turns Outlook is the Cyclic Model. This table shows and labels each of the nominal cyclical components, and it's approximate location at the present time. As well, any open price targets are also shown for each component. This price projection algorithm has been over 80% accurate at forecasting - and then hitting - both short and intermediate-term price targets going back a period of over 17 years.
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